When you request a Testimonial from a client, naturally they say nice things about you. For this reason the following Testimonials are taken from genuine emails that I have received following an engagement. In order to respect client privacy, I have withheld names. However if you would like to contact previous clients, I am happy to arrange this. 

"I think we've sufficiently recovered enough from the wedding and I'm taking this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work. 

To our guests, they saw you as our master of ceremonies, and a fine job you did, however, the work you did behind the scenes was clearly over and above the call of duty and on behalf of "all the family" I'd like to say a huge thank you." 

"We'd never have got through it without your patience and willingness to assist on any and all issues. You'll be forever remembered as our go to guy. Alas, I've not got any more weddings planned but if there is ever a need to use the services of a toastmaster, I can assure you your name will be on the top of our list, and the list will only have one name on it.

Once again, thank you for making our special day run so smoothly,"

"I want to apologsie for the late sending of this email. I'm still on honeymoon (in the maldives), but didn't want to wait anymore. "My wife" and I want to thank you so much for everything you did on the day. Without you, the day would not have run and we cannot thank you enough. You were beyond amazing!"

"You were the best money we spent and that includes the dress! Lol"

"Thank you so much for going beyond the call of duty. It was so lovely having you part of our special day."